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Transformational Leadership for Emerging Generations.

DRIP Initiative

DRIP Initiative’s mission is to provide quality leadership training to aspiring individuals in a safe, inspirational, generation-relevant, and replicable style. Our vision is to empower our students to become transformational leaders who will “pay it forward” by training and empowering other students. Our philosophy of raising up young leaders to raise up other young leaders creates a culture of determination, resilience, innovation, and performance that is what DRIP Initiative stands for. 

DRIP Initiative Core Tenets

In this world, finding your place can be difficult. DRIP Initiative is here to not only help you find your place, but overcome the odds and lead the future.

Transformational Leadership

Changed people change the world.

Live Strategically

Excellence doesn't happen by accident.

Pay It Forward

Teach what you learn.

You've got serious DRIP.

Our Initiative is perfect for young people who want to be prepared for a successful future. 

If you are in High School or College, and would like to learn leadership principles and transformative tactics to live a life of purpose, we'd love to hear from you.

Don't let life happen to you, lead into the future you want - and change the world in the process.

Uplifted Youth
Go Team
Community Service
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